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Wisdom teeth surgery is about more than just taking out teeth

When it comes to impacted wisdom teeth, preventative treatment is always better then waiting for problems to occur. Read More

IMDO™ - International Presentation (2015)

On Friday 29th May 2015, Dr Paul Coceancig embarked on a journey to Riga in Latvia, which, if you haven't heard of, is situated near Lithuania. He had a[..] Read More

IMDO™ management of the small lower jaw

Many children and teenagers have small lower jaws, which is often confused with having an upper jaw or teeth that are too big. Read More

Why is my lower jaw small?

There was a time that almost all orthodontic patients had healthy teeth extracted. There was a time that no one cared or really knew about how faces grew.[..] Read More

Baltic Sea Conference on Orthognathic Surgery & Orthodontics (2015)

Paul was invited as a keynote speaker on the IMDO revolution, during an Eastern European conference for orthognathic surgery held in Riga, Latvia in June[..] Read More