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Wisdom Teeth and IMDO

Traditionally most people get their wisdom teeth removed as they enter early adulthood due to lack of space, especially in the lower jaw.  In an earlier[..] Read More

Deciding on Jaw Surgery

How do I make a rational decision regarding my treatment? Read More

3D Jaw Surgery Planning

There are many hours spent behind the scenes planning your jaw surgery. This blog post will give you an insight into what is involved. Read More

Jaw Surgery | Your Questions Answered

Jaw Surgery can have a dramatic effect on many aspects of your life. While the appearance of your face may be enhanced as a result of treatment, the core[..] Read More

IMDO™ | Your questions answered

IMDO™ is a unique surgical process designed specifically to treat adolescents with a small lower jaw. IMDO™ describes not just the surgical process, but[..] Read More

Jawline surgery

Article by Dr Paul Coceancig on small jaw surgery referencing two case studies.  Read More

Bone regeneration after wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars that most people get in their late teens or early twenties. It is possible for them to erupt and become[..] Read More

IMDO™ management of the small lower jaw

Many children and teenagers have small lower jaws, which is often confused with having an upper jaw or teeth that are too big. Read More

Why is my lower jaw small?

There was a time that almost all orthodontic patients had healthy teeth extracted. There was a time that no one cared or really knew about how faces grew.[..] Read More