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Is snoring an innocent part of sleep or is it a symptom of something more serious?

WE don’t really think too much about what is healthy breathing, but doctors and dentists use the sound of noisy breathing to help us hear whether you[..] Read More

Wisdom Teeth and IMDO

Traditionally most people get their wisdom teeth removed as they enter early adulthood due to lack of space, especially in the lower jaw.  In an earlier[..] Read More

What Can be Fixed With Jaw Surgery

Too often, when we think about jaw surgery, we think of it as a cosmetic procedure, or a surgery that is undertaken solely for aesthetic reasons.  Read More

Snoring and Maxillofacial Surgery

Research paper by Dr Paul Coceancig "Snoring & Maxillofacial Surgery", Australasian Dental Practice, May/June 2016. Read More